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Noun কাকে বলে? কত প্রকার ও কি কি ?

Noun and its types

Noun ( বিশেষ্য )

Noun is any name of person, product, place, things etc. That means any naming word is known as noun.

Noun works as a- i) Subject ii) Object iii) Complement iv) Completive and v) Appositive

For example-

Samiha eats rice. Here, i) Samiha is the Subject and ii) Rice is the Object

She is a good girl. Here, iii) a good girl is the Complement

She goes to school. Here, iv) school is the Completive

Samiha, a mathe teacher, has gone. Here, v) a mathe teacher is the appositive

Types of noun

There five types of noun

.1. Proper noun

2. Common noun

3. Collective noun

4. Material noun

5. Abstract noun

Types of noun

There are also two types

1.Countable noun

2. Uncountable noun

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