This Last Versions (https://www.lastversions.com/) is fully online basis learning or Skills development website with a completely personalized approach. This site only for those well-wishers (visitors) who spend their time online and want to learn free academic, skills development and freelancing course easily and practice spontaneously. www.lastversions.com will help students to prepare classes and assignments and teachers to creation of lecture sheets. The Freelancer can learn free freelancing course from this site.This site will be useful for speaking English with friends and welcoming on various occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. So, this site (Last versions) will play an important role to the visitors for developing academic, technology and freelancing skills easily.‚Äč

Our Goal:

Our goal is to help every visitor and student improve - mentally, socially and academically - through positive counseling, relationships and a personalized learning experience.

Establishment History

Md. Shamim Mia established the Last Versions (https://www.lastversions.com) only on an online basis and for the personalized learning needs of his community.